Starting from the inside of their films, 4th number today Filmmakers collection, The age of reason, film by the Dardenne brothers on a journey through a masterful work.
Directors, Alain Marcoen and Luc Jabon, are betting a personal reading of these films.
The Promise of their recent feature film Le gamin au vélo, they give us a lesson in film based on "family" of actors and technicians as well as other unexpected stakeholders.
As the title suggests, moral issues are the thematic thread- tick documentary, like the stories that reveal Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne : the temptation of murder possible pardon, of thwarted love shameful to love, the controversial father figure in women's resistance.
Director :
Luc Jabon and Alain Marcoen

-FIFF 2013
-Be Film Festival 2013

Projections en Salle:
- 29 September 2013/ Maison de la Culture -Namur
- 28 décembre 2013/ Palais des Beaux-Arts -Bruxelles
-10 January 2013/ Le Parc - Liège

Coproduction : Cinémathèque de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, RTBF
With the participation of Ciné , WIP, La Nationale loterie