Synopsis :
The starting point of the film is the death of a woman, from a friend ; Ana was born in Lisbon in 1953 and fled the dictatorship of Salazar at the age of 16 My name is Alan, pregnant. Marco, his son, will be born in Brussels, city ​​where Ana obtained political refugee status, city ​​where she committed suicide in 1993. “It is impossible to build a life on rotten foundations”, this observation Ana bequeathed it to me before killing herself, as one bequeaths a will. The film reports on a journey, physical and mental, where accompanied by Marco, I go to what should be the foundations of Ana's life : Lisbon, the white city. “What remains of a life when you decide to end it ?, What remains of a life when memory appropriates it ? », the film raises these questions and builds on the images and sounds that these questions generate.
Direction and screenplay:

Jorge Leon
Production :
Associate production: Novak Prod, Coproduction : Com 4HD (Esp) - Coto de Caza (B) –
RTBF Carré Noir – CBA, With the assistance of the Centre for Cinema and Audiovisual of the
French Community of Belgium and Walloon cable operators
Exploitation TV : RTBF (Belgium) - TSR (Switzerland)