Synopsis :
I will explore the trouble created in me by the fortuitous appearance in my life of three other hespel olive trees.. I will meet Olivier Hespel and Olivier Hespel who like me live in Brussels. All three, we will try to determine what distinguishes us and what unites us, and attempt a definition of olivierhespelitude. We will then go to Corsica to join the fourth Olivier Hespel to take stock. This absurd quest will be an opportunity to unravel in images and sounds the many threads that weave the intimate and social bond in our name., and also to translate the dizziness caused by the questioning of this fundamental part of our identity which constitutes the name.
Direction and screenplay:

Olivier Hespel

Production :
Executive Producer : Novak Prod
Coproduction : Les Productions du Lagon (F)
With development aid and production of the French Community of Belgium and helps Production CBA