Synopsis :
In Morocco, and VISIT (visit of the saints) is a popular practice that Jews and Muslims have always shared. Today the Jews are almost all gone, but their saints are still there. The film is a road movie in the homeland, a cinematographic pilgrimage where the director goes to meet their guardians, humble and magnificent Muslim protectors of his Jewish memory. The wound of separation is still gaping, the echo of the wars in the East hangs silently over the meeting, but the camera is reweaving the link, collect anecdotes, smiles, hospitality and blessings, bringing the film to a new bond between filmer and filmed.

Simone Bitton

Production :
Executive Producer: Ciné Sud Promotion - Co-producer: LaProd; Novak Prod.
With the support of the Cinema and Audiovisual Center (Federation Wallonia Brussels) - of Aid to Cinemas du Monde (CNC - French Institute) - Moroccan Cinematographic Center (CCM)

IDFA 2020, Filmmaker Fest in Milan : best film award 2020, Cairo International Film Festival 2020, Real cinema 2021.