In his youth, Jacky Vassens abused illicit substances to improve his cycling performance. After losing his job, he begins a rehab then tries to start over on new bases by taking charge of a team of amateur cyclists. He tries to instill in young athletes a taste for effort and sportsmanship., so that they don't make the same mistakes as him. It is also during this period that he finds the woman he loves and Vincent, the son he had with her 18 years earlier, and he never knew. Vincent joins the team, which is made up of very promising hopefuls...

Director :
André Chandelle
Scenario :
André Chadelle et Willy Gouders
Jean-Yves Berteloot, Claire Nebout

Associate production: Native (F)
Coproduction: Novak Prod, RTBF, France 2
Exploitation TV : France 2 (France)- RTBF (Belgium)