In Valais, during the Napoleonic Wars, Martha, beautiful and fierce peasant, loves since childhood his cousin Théophile, bastard born from rape. She refuses to marry René, his older brother, who narrowly escapes conscription by sending Théophile to war. Shortly after, Nicolas, a prince who employs Marthe in his stables, learns that Théophile is dead. He in turn asks Marthe in marriage.
Director :
Raymond Vouillamoz
Scenario :
Anne Gonthier
Lisa Couvelaire, Alexis Michalik, Jean-Baptiste Puech, Jean-Baptiste Martin, Jean-Pierre Gos, Delphine Rich, Roberto Bestazzoni, Daniela Bisconti
Associate production : Native (F)
Coproduction : PCT (CH) - Novak Prod (B) - France 2 - RTBF – TSR
Exploitation TV : France 2 (France)- RTBF (Belgium) et TSR (Switzerland)