Michel decided to stop smoking. Yet that does not prevent death. He knows it. It is inevitable. All of this, it's the fault of his mother. By giving his life, she gave him death. Since he decided to sell the family home and place her mother in a nursing home, Michael begins to lose patches of hair, a worrying lump appeared on her chest. Symptoms that are reminiscent of her mother's cancer. henceforth, Michel is certain. It's fucked. And this is precisely the moment Aurélie chooses to leave, taking with it half the furniture. Aurélie not take it. As a matter of fact, it was almost like coming to his death.
Written and directed by :
Xavier Seron
Jean-Jacques Rausin - Myriam Boyer - Fanny Touron - Serge Riaboukine - Franc Bruneau - Jean-Benoît Ugeux - Jackie Berroyer - Benjamin Le Souef
Novak Prod (BE)- Tobina Film (FR) - With the help of the Federation Wallonia- Brussels and VOO, Centre for Cinema and the Moving Image, Brittany Region. With support of the Tax Shelter of the Federal Government of Belgium and Tax Shelter Investors.